Aeromexico Flights Servicio al Cliente

As most of you already know, AeroMexico is the national flight carrier of Mexico. With such a chip on its shoulder, Aeromexico tries its utmost best to solve any problems that the customer might be facing. To better serve their customers, the company has a helpline number which is +1-855-635-3039. As the line is active throughout the day, you can call them whenever you are facing any issues.

AeroMexico Reservaciones and Booking número

There are multiple ways to book a ticket on AeroMexico. You can use kiosks available at the airport, third party vendors or you can call +1-855-635-3039. This way ensures that you get top quality service. As time is of the essence, your hotline number is the most convenient way to book a ticket. However, you can use any method mentioned above to book a ticket on AeroMexico. So go ahead make the call.

AeroMexico Baggage Policy and Contacto número

If you don’t want to travel that frequently then you might want to know the baggage charges levied by AeroMexico. The same information can be acquired by dialing +1-855-635-3039. Economy passengers can carry luggage which should not weigh more than 23kgs. Business-class passengers can carry up to 46kgs without paying anything. If you are flying on the international route then the weight should not be more than 23kgs.

AeroMexico Cancellation Policy and Contacto número

The AeroMexico flight cancelación can be done by dialing +1-855-635-3039. To avail the full refund you should have canceled the ticket at least 7 days prior to departure. Also, if you are canceling the ticket within 24 hours of reserva then you can claim a full refund. Make sure to mention the reason for cancelación to get the most out of it.


CountryNúmero de teléfonoLanguage
Aeroflot Flights Austria0-800-06-88-28German, English
Aeroflot Flights Belarus8-820-001-107-92Russian, English, Chinese
Aeroflot Flights Canada866-221-72-91English
Aeroflot Flights China400-819-8674Chinese
Aeroflot Flights Latvia80-200-921Russian, English
Aeroflot Flights Poland800-400-390English
Aeroflot Flights France0-805-980-010French
Aeroflot Flights Germany08-000-001-151German
Aeroflot Flights India000-800-100-89-24English
Aeroflot Flights Ireland1-800-882-881English
Aeroflot Flights Spain900-901-528Spanish
Aeroflot Flights Italy800-90-5668Italian
Aeroflot Flights Japan0053-116-0728Japanese, Russian, English
Aeroflot Flights Netherlands08-000-203-592English
Aeroflot Flights United Kingdom0-800-026-00-33Russian, English
Aeroflot Flights USА8-668-797-647English
Aeroflot Flights Lithuania8-800-00356Russian, English
Aeroflot Flights Estonia800-20-43Russian, English
Aeroflot Flights South Korea0-808-22-02-44Korean, English, Russian
Aeroflot Flights Switzerland0-800-56-67-75German, French, Italian, English, Russian
Aeroflot Flights Turkey0-811-213-00-61English, Russian
Aeroflot Flights Vietnam12-280-592English
Aeroflot Flights Czech Republic800-722-143English
Aeroflot Flights Greece0-800-33-15-49-83English
Aeroflot Flights Sweden0-201-20-30-04English
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