Air Fiji Servicio al Cliente

Air Fiji has the distinction of being the flag carrier airline of Fiji Islands. They not only serve the internal islands but also traverse internationally. To get in touch with their Servicio al Cliente team you can call them on +1-855-635-3039. You can ask the team about anything related to Fiji Air. They will help you understand anything Fiji related. This evident by their fanbase which goes berserk for them

Air Fiji Booking número

If you are facing issues in reserva a ticket on Air Fiji then the best way to go about it is by calling them on +1-855-635-3039. Apart from reserva a ticket, you can get other information as well. They will be happy to get a hotel for you as well. This shows the commitment which they have portrayed. You should definitely give them a try. The line is also available throughout the year. The number is toll-free as well.

Air Fiji Baggage Policy and Support número

If you want to know more about the baggage policy followed by Air Fiji then you can give them a call on +1-855-635-3039. The baggage policy is totally dependent on the kind of ticket you have purchased. Business passengers can carry a bag for free, the weight should not be more than 9 kgs. For economy passengers, a fee is added. There are other surcharges as well. So, you should check.

Air Fiji Cancellation Service and número

The cancelación department of Air Fiji can be reached on +1-855-635-3039. If you are their cardholder then you can get additional discounts. Re-reserva might not be possible on international tickets. The only set criteria are that there should be at least 72 hours from departure. This shows in the level of less number of re reserva.

Air Fiji Corporate Office
Nasoso Road, Nadi Airport, Fiji
Air Fiji Servicio al Cliente Número de teléfono
Air Fiji Phone: +679-672-0888 or +679-330-4388 (Fiji)
Air Fiji Phone: 1-800-230-150 ( Australia)
Air Fiji Phone: 0800-800-178 (New Zealand)
Air Fiji Phone: 1-800-227-4446 (USA/Canada)
Air Fiji Phone: 400-120-6268 (China)
Air Fiji Phone: +852-3192-7568 (Hong Kong)
Air Fiji Email Support
Email: (customer relations)
Email: (new reserva)
Email: (baggage desk)
Email: (Tabua Club members)

Air Fiji Reviews

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