Icelandair Airlines Customer Service

The customer service number for IcelandAir is +1-855-635-3039. The number is available 24*7 and is also active during holidays except the National ones. The good part about this is the fact that you get prompt attention every time you call them. This sort of attention is very important in the customer service game.

IcelandAir Reservation & Booking Phone Number

Booking a ticket might be a little confusing for some people to help such souls Iceland Air operates a robust help line. To call the number you have to dial +1-855-635-3039. The line is manned by industry experts and all of your troubles will be taken care off when you dial this number. Booking process has been made very easy by IcelandAir. The awesome service provided by them is unparalleled.

Iceland Air Baggage Charge & Contact Number

Information about IcelandAir excess baggage policy can be learned by dialing +1-855-635-3039. The same information is also available on the company website. A standard carry-on is allowed for economy ticket holders which increases to two if its a first class or business class ticket. However, a maximum of 63kgs is allowed per passenger no matter the ticket.

IcelandAir Cancellation Policy Phone Number

IcelandAir has one of the best cancellation policies in the region. Calling the number +1-855-635-3039 will get you the information about the cancellation policy followed by IcelandAir.

 Cancelling a ticket within 24 hours of booking will get you a full refund. If the ticket is cancelled after the 24 hour mark then you might not even get a refund.


Icelandair Airlines Head Office
Reykjavík Airport
101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Icelandair Airlines Customer Service
Phone+354-5050100 (general) (lost baggage)
Icelandair Airlines International Support
Icelandair Airlines US1-800-223-5500
Icelandair Airlines UK+44 (0)20-7874-1000
Icelandair Airlines France+33 (0)1-44-51-60-51
Icelandair Airlines Germany+49 (0)69-29-99-78
Icelandair Airlines Denmark+45-33-70-22-00
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