Southwest Airlines Customer Service

If you require the services of the customer support team then you can contact them on +1-855-635-3039. As this number is for customer service complaints only, you are requested not to talk about other things. However, any constructive criticism is welcome. Whatever the issue might be, the company’s’ representatives will be able to sort it out for you.

Southwest Airline Reservation & Booking Phone Number

Southwest Airlines has made booking a ticket as easy as taking candy from a kid. The swanky new website will make booking a ticket easy peasy. In case of assistance, you can call on +1-855-635-3039. Even though the process is simple, some people especially senior citizens might not be able to make the most of technology, so they can take the help of +1-855-635-3039 this number to make the most of their journey.

Southwest Airline Baggage Charge and Phone Number

If you face any doubt about the amount of luggage that you are supposed to carry then you can contact Southwest Airlines on +1-855-635-3039. You won’t even have an iota of doubt after you have talked to these people.

  • You can fill the refund form.
  • Medical emergencies are considered when refunding
  • In case of no-show, no refund is possible

Southwest Airline Cancellation Policy Phone Number

Southwest Airlines cancellation department’s number is +1-855-635-3039. They are very fast when processing payments and refunds. Any ticket booked in the last 24 hours is eligible for a refund. You will have to show proof if want a refund in case of an emergency. You can also fill up a form to avail of this facility.


CategorySouthwest Airlines Toll Free NoSouthwest Airlines customer care Timings for Customer Care Specialists
Before your vacation1-800-243-8372 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Outside the U.S1-414-934-3017
Name Of Cities (Category Wise)Southwest Airlines Customer Service No
Southwest Airlines United States(800)I-FLY-SWA (800)435-9792
Southwest Airlines Jamaica1-800-425-8130
Southwest Airlines En EstadosUnidos (en español) (800) VAMONOS (800) 826-6667
Southwest Airlines En Jamaica (en español)1-800-425-8089
Southwest Airlines Aruba588-2900
Southwest Airlines Mexico (800) 083-1179
Southwest Airlines Bahamas1-855-202-3403
Southwest Airlines En México (en español) (800) 083-1178
Southwest Airlines En Bahamas (en español)1-855-202-3402
Southwest Airlines Southwest Vacations (800)243-8372
Southwest Airlines Belize0-800-0078684
Southwest Airlines Existing Hotel Reservations (888) 850-3958 (866) 938-1297 (en español)
Southwest Airlines En Belice (en español)0-800-247-5463
Southwest Airlines Costa Rica (800) 012-1916
Southwest Airlines Teletypewriter (TTY)1-800-533-1305
Southwest Airlines Costa Rica (en español) (800)012-1917
Southwest Airlines Dominican Republic (800)751-9039
Southwest Airlines En RepúblicaDominicana (en español)1-800-751-9038
Southwest Airlines Automated Flight Information (888)SWA-TRIP (888)792-8747
Southwest Airlines Quick Rewards Customer Service1-800-445-5764

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  1. Hello I just can not seem to reach you, I keep calling on the weekend, any they say call the special customer number to explain my situation, Is this you? So our situation was my daughter and I were traveling to Las Vegas on 3\14 for a soccer tournament, unfortunately she came down with a Cancer scare, and had to have a pretty extensive surgery, She is most likely going to come through fine, but she is unable to play in this tournament. We were hoping to get a refund on the tickets, and are willing to show you the medical information to prove we did not make this up. Your agents said this might be a possibility but we would have to talk to the correct people. Can you help me with the correct number to call.. thank David Ruark *******7421 rewards number and K58KVM confirmation number

  2. TFOT9B Confirmation number…..Jan Karl Boyd.
    On my recent flight I was able to get some nice photos over the wing while climbing out of San Jose. These include a stunning sunset and the winglet. Might make a nice promo shot. Let me know where to send the images from my iPhone.

  3. After a completely degrading and very dangerous flight from Las Vegas to Ft Lauderdale on Flt 149 on the 12 of June and getting the complete runaround from customer service I GIVE UP
    Linda Henderson why not just tell the truth your a big company now what is one customer just stonewall
    your operational people need retraining
    AGAIN I PAID FOR 2 SEATS why is the last person on the plane allowed to cause my wife to be forcibly moved move to make room for an over weight person, flight attendants allowing non crew members to stand in forward gaily for over 5 min

  4. After filling a complant over 6 weeks ago still getting ignored
    2303475328668 is my complaint number
    To big to care remember Pan Am they were big too

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