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T’way Air Servicio al Cliente número +1-855-635-3039

t’way air Co. Ltd., previously known as Hansung Airlines, is a South- Korean airline with low cost fare headquartered at Seongsu-dong, Seongsu-gu, Seoul. The airline was established in 2005 but it revamped and relaunched itself in 2010. T’way has been ranked as the third largest Korean low-budget airline in the international space. 

Although ranked as a low-cost carrier, t’way airline takes every care to serve its passengers with utmost care. The airline has a dedicated Servicio al Cliente center which is available at all times for its customers. The customer care representatives attend to its customers on priority with politeness. 

T’way Booking and Reservation

T’way Air tickets can be booked on company’s official website, its mobile app or through reservation contact number. If a customer makes reservation on the website or mobile app, they need not pay any reserva fee and moreover, they can use gift coupons and other deals. Whereas, customers need to pay a reserva fee of 5000 KRW per trip when reserva through T’way reservation center and any gift coupon cannot be used when reserva through offline mode. 

T’Way Reservation Helpline número +1-855-635-3039

T’way Cancellation and Refund Policy

If the passenger cancels a confirmed ticket then he is entitled to get a refund after deducting cancelación fee. For tickets cancelled within 24hours of making a reservation, they will not be charged with any cancelación fee. 

The time taken for a refund process depends on the mode of payment made while reserva a ticket. If mode of payment is bank transfer, it takes 3-4 business days to refund after cancelación. While payments made by card takes 4-5 business days to refund. 

For any other details on refund policy customers can contact airline’s contact centre. 

T’way Baggage Policy

A customer can carry one piece of baggage weighing a maximum of 10kgs as free cabin baggage allowance. whereas , free baggage allowance for checked-in baggage is 1 piece of luggage weighing a maximum of  15kgs for domestic flight passengers and 1 piece of baggage weighing a maximum of 23kgs for international passengers.

Extra baggage will be charged according to the airline policy. 

For further details on baggage charges, customers can contact on T’way contact center.

T’way Airlines Boarding Reviews

2 thoughts on “T’way Airlines Servicio al Cliente

  1. Hello
    My name is Tidjo Davilmar,new customer for t’way.This morning,my wife and me were very upset with your unprofessional employees,which i think humiliate us at Incheon Airport, because of our color perhaps.We stay in Seoul for 9 days, spend lot of money and help South Korea economy
    Up on checking this morning,two of your employees named respectively Cheon Imj and Juyeah Lee request to see our round trip tickets which we do not have.We booked one way ticket from Seoul to Thailand and to United States.Remember T’way do not travel to US,therefore we have to hire different airlines.Also we’re not citizen of South Korea,why question us about one way ticket. As US citizen we allow to go anywhere we want once we do not break any rule and regulation.It’s nobody business to know what we’are going to do in Thailand neither when we going back to the US.Again Cheon Im and Juyeah Lee refuse to check us in.Finally they charge us,608,000 KRW, over half million won which about $509 to check 2 regular luggages and a small switcase with no extra weight. Meanwhile,we did not see them disrespect Koreans people and other nationalities the same way we have been humiliated,You;ll never see thing like this happens in America.We should be welcomed to your country not to be repelled We request to get our refunds since we have been overcharged and no one available to complaint .It’s about time to stop dicrimination and we have notice no one else gets any issue except two black people.Believe me ,i’ll reach to the person responsible for this airport and complaint.How can you prove,608,000 KWR,that’s more than half millions won for 2 regular luggages and one small little bag.That’s robbery and we not agree.Please,see document ref # AKKB5V.Why your people treat us like this?By the way, i choice t’way because i want to try this airline event i have other option.By the way,From USA all the way to Seoul,Emirates do not charge us anything for the same luggages.When we ask your representative(s) to prove us why he charge so much money,they can prove nothing except that our policy he reply,Please get back with us with your answer before we go on line and let the whole world knows what’s going on,Please revise the charge,and take appropriape decision.I read on website we can get 15kg each,and 23kh for international.They don’t even deduct our allowance,they just weight our luggages and charge.Please,reply .By the way,we flew with the same luggages from US to Dubai and Seoul with no charges.Again we request our refund immediadely

  2. Good day
    I have booked a flight travel from Fukuoka to Seoul on the 5 th of November ( under T’way airline) but I did not received the email for my reserva reference
    Under the name of LAI WEN FU and WONG JZE MAE
    It would be nice if you could email it to us
    Thank you

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