Most Common Customer Service Complaints

Keeping your customers happy is the key to a successful business. In order to keep your customers happy and maintain a healthy relationship with them, a business owner should be aware of some of the most common complaints that a customer has with a company’s customer service. 

Here are some of the most common complaints customers have when they try to get in touch with a customer service agent. 

Unable to talk to a real person-

A research done by American Express claims that 67% of customers confessed that they disconnected a call made to customer service number as they were unable to talk to an agent in person. This leads to customers switching to competitors out of frustration of not getting any solution to their problems. To avoid such situations, business owners should provide separate numbers of live chat and numbers leading to direct calls to customer agents. 

Rude agents-

Sometimes customers may get pissed-off due to customer agents talking in a rude tone to them. Although, the agent might be telling the truth to the customer that may sound rude to them. To avoid such things, agents should be thoroughly trained to be polite and maintain calmness during a call from an angry customer. 

Transferring calls to several Agents-

Customers these days have no time to spend several minutes on different agents and explaining his problems to each one. This may frustrate the customer and may lead him to move to other competitors. To overcome this, agents should be well trained to solve all the problems in one single call. 

Waiting on Hold for Too Long-

This is one of the most common issues related to customer service. Customers actually hate to hold a call for too long, that too when they have been busy all day and they still need to wast their time on customer service agents. Call centres must avoid such long holds by checking on their call volumes, peak call times and efficient agents who can help customers in a single call.

 Calling A Wrong Number-

Imagine calling a number and waiting for a long time to get to a live customer agent only to find out that the number you have called is not the right one. This can be really frustrating as a customer after wasting a lot of time on a call only to find that was a wrong number. To overcome this, you should provide the exact customer service number for specified problems so that customers can talk to specified agents in a single call.

Most Common Customer Service Complaints

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